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Abhijeet Singh

In 2013 Abhijeet was at crossroads, whether to continue his corporate job and live a secured life or to take a leap of faith towards his true calling.

Standing at this fork he knew that there was only one way out of it, he will have to start climbing the cliffs of his passions!

Seven years later, his hard work and focus have made him one of the few professional adventure photographers of India, an AcroYogi and a Mountaineer.
Inspired by the likes of Jimmy Chin, Jonathan Griffith and Corey Richards he has relentlessly pursued his passion and today he is one of the brand athletes for prominent companies like Mont Blanc, The Good Life Co, YogaBars & more.
His photography work has been published in various publications like The Alpinist, The Outdoor Journal, Indian Quarterly and he has also been featured by Redbull, Wildcraft, Woodland and Times group.


Born in Haridwar, Abhijeet went on to become an engineer and then an MBA graduate from MICA. He did two jobs in the corporate sector and thereafter pursued his career as professional adventure photographer.
Adventurous at heart, he is also fervent towards fitness and health. Trail running, parkour, calisthenics, weighted hikes and AcroYoga are now a part of his routine. He maintains a strict diet plan where he balances his nutrition prioritising requirements to maintain his body in addition to the needs of endurance training.

Since August 2013, he has undertaken various notable ascents like Kang Yatse II (6200m), CB13 (6264m), Cathedral (6100m), Deo Tibba (6001m), Shitidhar, Stok Kangri and Gulep Kangri. He and Pranav Rawat also made India’s first ascents of two frozen waterfalls in the heart of Spiti Valley in January 2016 and he is one of the two protagonists in the ice climbing documentary film The Fall.

After completing his climbing courses in 2014 he began ice climbing and eventually moved to Manali so he could be closer to the ice. This helped him to get involved with the core climbing and adventure fraternity which has a strong presence there. He is an avid reader and had the opportunity to learn from inspiring individuals like Cosmin, Tim Banfield
His work has been recognised and awarded
- Rex Karmaveer Chakra (instituted by iCongo and United Nations) Awardee, Nov 2019
- Grand Prize for THE FALL at the IMF Mountain Film Festival, Delhi 2017
- Semi-finalist for THE FALL at Caribbean Film Festival & Market, 2017
- Best Documentary for THE FALL at Expressions Short Film Festival, Nagpur 2017
- First Prize for the film CB13 at Adventure fIlm Festival, GOA 2017


Over the years, having gained significant experience in climbing and seeing the positive outcomes of his own curriculum, he decided to share the same to help young climbers develop the right skills.
He now teaches a course called “Mountain Strong”, a comprehensive residential mountain climbing training program which combines conditioning and sports specific training for self-sufficient mountain climbing. He coaches 20+ students on average in a year and this number is set to increase double in 2021.


Favourite Quote:

"I would say that the need to climb comes from that tough, lonely place of searching for your dignity. You know, that place -where we actually choose to confront our own weaknesses and fears, where we rebel against the terror of death- is really about dignity. That’s why alpinism is not just the act of ascending a mountain, but also inwardly of ascending above yourself”
- Voytek Kurtyka

Explore his work on Instagram @ Abhijeet Singh