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eVent® Waterproof Fabric eVent® Waterproof Technology DValpine™ The original air permeable and 100% waterproof membrane
technology eVent® fabrics introduced in 1999—and proven on the most challenging adventures. In combination with mid-weight and
heavier face fabrics, DValpine™ 3-layer laminates are perfect for mountaineering, backpacking and snowsports.
20m WATER COLUMN 22,000 g/m2 BREATHABILITY 0.1 cfm AIR PERMEABILITY eVent® Waterproof Technology DVstorm™
eVent® fabric’s newest membrane targets high output users in moderate weather conditions, such as hikers, cyclist and runners. Lightweight
face fabrics paired with 10 denier backers are approximately 20% lighter and 15% more breathable than DValpine™ series laminates.