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Cirrus Insulation
Cirrus™ is a new synthetic insulation that combines most of the key benefits of natural down insulation while avoiding its limitations. Water resistant fibres are expanded into a “down-like” structure to create a cloud of warmth.
A synthetic alternative to down, Cirrus fibres expand to produce high loft and trap air between the fibres. This traps more air between fibres than standard sheet insulation. Cirrus™ is blown into the baffle chambers of our garments in much the same way down garments are filled. These fibres then expand to fill the baffles. This gives the garment great warmth to weight properties.
Cirrus™ has been tested to deliver the same warmth to weight ratio as 600 Fill Power duck down insulation.
Cirrus™, like all synthetic insulation, has very low water uptake. This is due to Cirrus™ fibres having a silicone coating. These attributes mean that Cirrus™ performs exceptionally well in damp environments - continuing to trap air and provide insulation. Cirrus™ is a very stable insulation. It has very low fibre migration rates, so the insulation will not clump up within the baffles. This reduces the possibility of cold spots. Due to the nature of Cirrus™, and its down mimicking properties, it compresses exceptionally well and re-lofts after packing. Cirrus™ makes it a great choice for people who require all the resilience of synthetic insulation with the compressibility of down.

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