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About Maninder

Maninder Kohli

Maninder Kohli was drawn to the mountains at an early age inspired by his father, Captain M.S.Kohli who led India’s spectacular climb of Mt. Everest in 1965. Over the years his travels have taken him across the Himalaya climbing, trekking, skiing, rafting and mountain biking.

Trekking & Mountaineering Courses: Maninder has done an Adventure Course from NIM and a Basic Course from HMI where he climbed B.C. Roy Peak 5445m in Sikkim. He has additionally done an Alpine Climbing Course in Germany which culminated in the climb of its height mountain Zugspitze 2962m.

Treks and Exploration: Over the years Maninder has participated in over 75 treks in the Indian Himalaya, Bhutan and Nepal. His favourite area for trekking has been Western Garhwal where he has participated in several exploratory trek which included Baraadsar Lake 2008, Maldaru Lake 2009 and Kanasar Lake in 2010.

Corporate Career: Maninder has previously worked with Citibank for 20 years where as Senior Vice President he officiated on the Managing Committee of the Consumer Bank. He us an undergraduate in Economic Honours from Hindu College, Delhi University and has completed his Masters in International management from American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird).

Himalayan Environment Trust

The Himalayan Environment Trust (HET) was formed in 1989 during a period where adventure tourism had just begun and signs of environment damage had started to surface. HET released a Code of Conduct for trekkers and mountaineers. The Founder Trustees were Sir Edmund Hillary - Patron, Sir Chris Bonington, Maurice Herzog, Reinhold Messner, Junko Tabai, Richard Blum and Captain MS Kohli - Chairman. Maninder is currently the Managing Trustee of the HET and the current focus is on Version 2 of the Code of Conduct and engaging in micro projects with focus on the spread of Clean Cooking Stoves.

Indian Mountaineering Foundation

Maninder is a member of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) which is the apex body for Mountaineering in India. For the IMF he supports multiple initiatives, he is the Founder and Director of the IMF Mountain Film Festival where annually best adventure films focused on the Indian Himalaya are screened. Maninder is also the Head of the IMF Risk Management Initiative where the responsibility is to analyse all accidents in the Indian Himalaya and issue advisories and Chairman of the Board handling the IMF Newsletter - Apex.

The Himalayan Club

The Himalayan Club is India’s oldest Mountaineering Club, formed in 1928. Maninder has officiated as the Honorary Secretary of the Delhi Section since 2012. During this period he has invited leading climbers & adventures from around the world to deliver talks and run several editions of the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Notable speakers include Capt. M.S. Kohli, Sir Chris Bonington, Peter Hillary, Conrad Anker, Col. Narendra Kumar, Stephen Alter, Martin Moran, Brig Ashok Abbey, Harish Kapadia, Suman Dubey, Bill Aitken, Bernadette McDonald, Mick Fowler & Marc Batard.

Juniper Outdoor

Juniper Outdoor

Juniper Outdoor Pursuits Centre: In 2010 Maninder founded Juniper Outdoor Pursuits Centre based in New Delhi, through which he continues to motivate people to the world of adventure. Juniper works on a format where outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to be part of an adventure community. Juniper offers trips across multiple formats.

The Expedition Series offers traditional camping trips with housing in tents and mountain lodges.

The Fire & Ice Series offers a Day Trip Format with housing in hotels or mountain homes.

Traversia offers road trips which are supported by team equipped to set up infrastructure at any spot in the Himalaya.

Juniper Special Events cater to distant groups which need a tailor made adventure product. Juniper Junior focuses on children and parents trekking together. Super Senior offers trips to those who are above the age of 65 years. Sacred Waters are part of a series of trips heading to religious and spiritual locations.

Maninder Kohli’s List of Top 10 Adventure Trips across the Himalaya

  • Green Lakes - Sikkim
  • Baraadsar & Kanasar Lake - Western Garhwal
  • Nanda Devi Basecamp - Kumaon
  • Traverse of the Great Himalayan National Park - Himachal Pradesh
  • Bali Pass - Western Garhwal
  • Thousand Lakes Trek - Western Bhutan
  • Gokyo Lakes - Eastern Nepal
  • Harnag Lake - Kashmir
  • Mehgalaya Multi Adventure - Mehgalaya
  • Ganda La - Ladakh

Visit: Juniper Outdoor for more details