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About Grivel

Grivel Srl is a company that produces tools and equipment for alpinism, climbing and outdoor activities. Grivel is the industry leading manufacturer of mountaineering equipment. Since 1818, Grivel continues to raise the bar in product design and performance with their cutting-edge ice axes, crampons, and other climbing accessories. Their metallurgy is simply second to none. Using a hot-forging process similar to the one they perfected in the early 1800's, Grivel makes technical alpine tools with the strength and light weight necessary to help modern alpinists succeed on the hardest routes in the mountains. Headquartered at the foot of Mount Blanc in Courmayeur, Italy, Grivel designs, produces, and tests their gear through the use of solar energy. With enough solar panels to cover an entire football field, Grivel uses their 75,300 square foot roof atop their factory to harness the energy of the sun to make the world's most reliable mountaineering gear. Every year, they save 1,000 barrels of oil. Each day, they save the planet's air from 1,500 lbs. of CO2 gases--the equivalent of a car traveling 3,000 miles. Respecting the environment should be the number one priority for outdoor industry members. Grivel equipment is made in Italy and by the sun. Today Grivel continues to make cutting-edge alpine gear with help from some of the best alpinists in the world.

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